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Transfer Tooling Support

Plastikos is fully equipped with an on-site tool room to provide mold maintenance and support engineering changes. Our skilled toolmakers work closely with the production scheduling department and process technicians to meet the changing needs of our customers using a proprietary quick changeover process. We pride ourselves on the ability to minimize capital expenditures for our trusted partners and revitalize molds that are transferred into our facility.

Since 2007, we’ve received well over 100 molds that have been transferred into Plastikos. The condition of these molds has ranged drastically and each one had its own unique set of challenges before becoming production qualified. However, with our proven Mold Transfer Procedure, we’ve been able to salvage even the most neglected molds.

For example, Plastikos facilitated a 34 mold transfer project that makes over 100 unique components in 2009. During this time, each mold was thoroughly validated and repaired as needed, along with supporting us customer’s existing production demands. Their response:

“Plastikos has committed a significant amount of resources to handle the transfer project and address concerns. Tooling repairs & maintenance are handled with a high degree of accuracy and timeliness. New tooling has been delivered on time with a high degree of first-time quality. Plastikos’ high level of expertise in materials & molding practices has led to more consistency versus our previous molder. In addition, mold maintenance and storage are dramatically improved versus our previous molder.”

Brett H. - Project Leader