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Scientific Molding & Validation

To ensure the highest level of quality to our customers, each injection mold is validated during the pre-production phase of a project. Our degreed process engineers will optimize the molding process to determine nominal injection pressure, fill time, hold pressure, and cycle time, among other variables. In fact, our process engineers are trained by RJG through their rigorous Master Molder program. Once the process has been optimized, our process engineers test the limits of the process window through a multiple-factor DOE to determine a robust process window.

Although each mold and material has its own unique characteristics, there are similarities among them. Monitoring the pressure within the cavity is critical throughout production, regardless of the part size or cavitation. Therefore, Plastikos utilizes eDART technology coupled with cavity pressure sensors in order to monitor shot-to-shot consistency during production. This automated method of inspection provides 100% monitoring and traceability on the parts produced from a particular tool for the life of the project. Check out our entire list of Precision Molding Equipment at Plastikos.

Lastly, our trained quality engineering staff will fully document each phase of the IQ/ OQ / PQ portions of the mold validation to ensure our customer’s product is not only in spec, but also repeatable throughout an extended validation run. Our quality engineering lab operates 24 hours per day and utilizes the latest OGP Smart scope measuring systems and techniques.