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Project Management

At Plastikos and Micro Mold, every project begins with a dedicated project engineer who works with our customer and mold designer to address all dimensional, aesthetic, and inspection requirements that are called-out on the print. Our plastic engineers are knowledgeable in the unique disciplines of precision injection molding, material selection, and design for manufacturing. In fact, many of our dedicated engineering staff have various engineering background, including Plastic Engineering Technology as well as Industrial Engineering, among others. Whether the application is single or multi-cavity, hot or cold runner, we are able to meet your needs from concept to delivery.

Our team will lead and manage each step of the project life cycle. This includes, hosting live mold design reviews with our customer, performing the mold validation, and developing the First Article Inspection and compiling the Cpk results on the production process, and more. We believe that each step of the project is crucial to ensure a robust process and a long product life.