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Mold Design & Fabrication

Each mold is custom designed and built in-house at Micro Mold and carries a lifetime warranty. Our mold designers and engineers can create an initial blueprint and quickly react to any changes that may occur with respect to the part design, material selection or cavitation by utilizing multiple seats of computer aided design (CAD) software. In addition to our design services, Micro Mold is capable of initial mold sampling and inspection in our in-house R&D Center that is equipped with three molding machines. This allows us to sample immediately upon mold completion, which reduces the overall lead time for the validation process.

Micro Mold can design and build a mold that best fits your product’s unique requirements and application whether your part is large or small, high or low volume. We utilize state-of-the-art CNC EDM and CNC Machining equipment coupled with 3-R robotics technology. These advanced manufacturing cells enable us to run “Light Out” when needed to help maintain a competitive lead time and price.

Additionally, we frequently design and build in the capabilities for tools to run with Cavity Pressure Sensors. This added engineering service and value is provided free of charge when these tools run production at Plastikos, and is another example of our desire to invest in and partner with our customers.

Review our entire Equipment List at Micro Mold and learn more about our stringent mold design standards

   Micro Mold Precision Mold Making Equipment (237 KB)