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Customer Relationships

Why do leading manufacturers in medical, electronics, aerospace, and other challenging industries keep turning to Plastikos and Micro Mold? Because time after time, we help them solve their most difficult precision injection molding and mold making problems. We will support your project in every aspect of your product’s life cycle with our proven ability and commitment. Discover more about our successful, lasting relationships in our customers’ own words:

  • Plastikos continues to meet and/or exceed my expectations. They’re one of only two molding vendors we use that I would consider ‘A’ players.

    - Chad H., Engineer

  • Their service is great. We always get an immediate response when placing orders via email. The staff is very helpful.

    - Forrest Y., Engineer

  • We get excellent technical support from the Tool Room to inspect, fit and revise the molds and from the floor to hang, set up and run molds. In addition, the continued acquisition of new molding machines, eDARTs, hot runner controllers, etc. keeps expanding the opportunities.

    - Jason T., Mold Process Engineer

  • Plastikos has phenomenal quality and great controls. They’ve gone above what was expected on recent requests for PPAP and heightened quality requirements. They’re my top supplier and my go-to when I know quality matters.

    - Josh J., Global Project Manager

  • When one of our customers had a defective product out in the field, Plastikos worked with a material supplier and our customer to resolve the issue. Plastikos opened their doors to our customer to verify the new parts were built to spec. This type of response and cooperation is what we look for in a supplier.

    - Kevin B., Commodity Buyer

  • Plastikos is one of the few suppliers in the connector industry that I feel are mirror images of (our company). There is no hesitation when asked for a short list of our top suppliers; they always rank at or near the top.

    - Mark B., ASP Manager

  • Plastikos is one of the best suppliers I’ve worked with in my 22 years at (my company). The combination of product quality, technical expertise and good customer service is matched by few suppliers.

    - Phil E., Customer Quality Engineering Manager

  • They are consistently one of the quickest companies to respond to a request or an issue with professionalism and accuracy.

    - Richard C., Automotive Project Manager

  • Plastikos is great at communicating any issues they have with molding a product and notifies me with data before or during transit. The packaging is always marked clearly with a description of the trial run. So I don’t have to go through emails to trace back which PO went with which trial.

    - Tori M., Product Engineer

  • With our short lead times, we realize it’s tough to manage suppliers’ production to match dips and spikes in production. But Plastikos is always very responsive. The support and performance they give to us is second to none.

    - Keith M., Director of Global Vendor Quality Control

  • They get a high rating based on the complexity of our components and Plastikos’ technical capability to improve the process through direct process control improvements and the testing of new resins.

    - Charlie H., Engineer

  • EXCELLENT customer service … exactly what I expect in a business partnership. They allowed us to meet some very challenging dimensions in multi-cavity tooling. I am not sure we could have accomplished this with any other supplier.

    - Jim L., Vice President, Operations

  • I have a great amount of respect for the Plastikos team. They’ve made our product development much faster and our product quality better. Everyone that I’ve worked with has been top notch. I expect to keep them as an injection molding resource for a long time to come.

    - John N. Manager, Mechanical Engineer

  • Plastikos has exceeded our expectations as a supplier. The professionalism of their employees, coupled with their knowledge of micro-molding, make them an ideal supplier for our particular needs.

    - Michael F., Mechanical Engineer

  • Plastikos took on a very difficult part and did a great job in a short period of time. They’ve impressed all disciplines in our organization – not an easy task to accomplish.

    - John C., Sourcing Manager

  • Plastikos works diligently to maintain a high degree of quality in their parts. They make continuous efforts to offer their technical expertise. We have taken their advice on several occasions.

    - Shannon H., Design Engineer

  • Plastikos’ packaging is excellent. We would like our other suppliers to implement Plastikos standards.

    - Kim C., Materials Manager