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Surgical Instruments

Rigorous validation requirements, speed-to-market, and exceptional quality are common challenges that we and our surgical device partners face with any new product. Micro Mold and Plastikos have teamed up with leading Surgical Device, Ophthalmic, and Orthopedic OEM’s in order to provide the most efficient means of custom tooling and precision injection molding.

Our quality and engineering staff are well versed in standard IQ/OQ/PQ protocols to demonstrate a consistent and robust manufacturing process has been established to mitigate the risk of product failure. We assign a dedicated project engineer to each new project to ensure all elements of the part & mold validation process are fully documented.

Our experience with precision mold making and tight-tolerance injection molding has enabled many of our customers to meet dimensional requirements that were once considered untrainable for injection molding.

For example, Micro Mold and Plastikos were awarded a project used in a surgical eye care application. The product contained a 0.0220” core pin with +/- 0.0005” tolerance on the finished product. Originally, the product had been machined due to the stringent requirement to form the Internal Diameter (ID). However, Micro Mold & Plastikos were confident we could injection mold the finished product and meet our customer’s’ specification. Today, this mold has produced well over 500,000 parts without a single reject to our customer. Moreover, our customer has saved tens-of-thousands of dollars on this component by eliminating the need to machine the product.

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