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Microfluidic Pumps & Instruments

Critical sealing surfaces and tight tolerances, molded from high-temperature thermoplastics are common challenges that we face when molding product that is used for precision fluid and gas transferring applications. Materials such as LCP, PEEK, PPS, as well as other engineering grade and specialty grade resins are often specified for applications where chemical resistance, dimensional stability, and heat deflection are required.

These specialty grade materials can often be extremely expensive, which is why our engineering team will help you work through the product design to optimize wall thickness, runner waste, and cycle time to reduce cost and improve product performance.

For example, Plastikos was transferred a project where the primary wall thickness on the part exceeded 0.300”, which had caused the part to warp along the critical sealing surface. Our engineering team worked through the issue with our customer to come up with a collaborative part design to reduce the primary wall thickness. Plastikos’ engineering effort to redesign the part yielded a molded part with more than a 54% improvement (i.e. reduction) in warpage in this critical-to-function area. Additionally, Plastikos was able to improve our quoted cycle time and also decrease the volume of raw material by over 27% that was required to mold the finished part, both of which yielded piece price savings to our customer as a direct result of our successful engineering project.

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