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Micro Molded Components

Micro Mold and Plastikos have surpassed modern-day boundaries by working on some of the most intricate, tight-tolerance components in today’s market. Our precision mold making and injection molding equipment, coupled with a knowledgeable staff, allow us to manufacture some of the most complex micro-components. In fact, several of the parts manufactured by Micro Mold and Plastikos are smaller than a single plastic pellet.

With such precision required, our manufacturing team will often work with machine suppliers to customize screw and barrel sizes, specific to our molding needs. This allows us to utilize the appropriate barrel capacity to minimize the risk of material degradation due to excessive material residence times. Furthermore, we have developed a proprietary method to enable us to place Cavity Pressure Sensors into applications this intricate to allow us to monitor the pressure from shot-to-shot.

An example of our micro molding work consists of a part made from Nylon 6/6 and measures 0.181 inches long. The critical through hole dimension on this specific parts contains a tolerance of 0.0265 +/- 0.0005 inches.

Furthermore, our quality staff is well versed in the latest GD&T training coupled with advanced CMM and optical measuring systems. We utilize best-in-class measurement equipment as well as custom fabricate measurement fixtures to ensure your product is measured accurately throughout each mold sample and production run.