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Electronic Connector

Electronic Connector OEM’s are often faced with providing their customers customized connector configurations for an ever-changing market. These custom part configurations must be competitively priced, dimensionally accurate, and available within days, not weeks.

Micro Mold and Plastikos have partnered with our largest connectors customers to develop a proprietary mold changeover method to minimize mold changeover time as well as capital tooling costs. In fact, some of the molds that we build and run for our connector customers have the interchangeability to mold 1,000+ unique part numbers (unique connector SKUs) out of a single tool. Moreover, we partnered with our customer to optimize their sudden service model in order to run critical production orders and ship finished product within a 24 hour period of receipt of those high-priority orders.

These connector applications can also come with their own unique product development challenges. For instance, a part design that consists of a thick perimeter that surrounds a thin interior wall can be inherently difficult for any application; the project becomes nearly impossible when combined with 2,296 individual circuits. However, Micro Mold and Plastikos worked hand-in-hand with our customer in order to optimize the part and tool design, material selection, and gating configuration. The collaborative approach was essential to successfully bringing this product to market. Read Full Story