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Micro Mold's History

Micro Mold was established by Tim Katen and Dave Mead in 1978 to build the most technically demanding and the highest quality plastic injection molds. The two entrepreneurs invested their personal life savings into the business and officially began Micro Mold in a small, rented garage of 1,400 square feet on Filmore Avenue in Erie, PA. At this point, the company could not even afford heat or a phone line. There were multiple points during those early days when the future of Micro Mold was severely at risk due to the deep recession of the early 1980’s coupled with soaring interest rates.

However, Tim and Dave remained committed to make Micro Mold a success. They were able to survive through their passion for excellence in service, advanced engineering, as well as their conservative fiscal management.

Through their perseverance, Micro Mold began to grow and gain recognition as a premier tool and die manufacturer. Eventually, the company was moved from Filmore Avenue to its current location on Pittsburgh Avenue, in order to house its growing number of employees and machining equipment.

As the years passed and Micro Mold’s reputation as a precision mold manufacturer continued to grow, the demand for sampling and later production requests became increasingly frequent. Tim and Dave decided to purchase an injection molding machine, initially as a means to provide first-piece sampling, and mold troubleshooting to their customers.